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Gender and Inclusion Toolbox: Participatory Research in Climate Change and Agriculture

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On the Multimedia Page you will find blogs, videos and photos that have been produced in relation to the gender and inclusion toolbox.

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New toolbox for gender and inclusion in climate change projects
A manual presenting gender-sensitive and socially inclusive participatory action research tools is now available for download! The manual was launched via a live-streamed event in Nairobi, Kenya,Gender and Inclusion toolbox coinciding with the International Day of Rural Women to emphasize the need for more relevant, gender-responsive methods and tools for the development and research community.
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Uncovering gender perceptions and beliefs in the hunt for climate information
This gender-difference in perceptions on roles and responsibilities did strike us as very interesting. It is hard however to tell which tale is the right one. Did the men really contribute as much as the women to the rope- and basket making as they had said.
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What does 'female empowerment' mean to women in Kenya?
The term 'empowered' usually refers back to an inner feeling of increased confidence, self-worth or knowledge. But as elusive as these feelings are, elusive is how it is. The term has even been accused of being a buzz word, hollow of real meaning and content. Read More
It takes a village to build climate-resilience
If rural villagers pulled together all available resources while working hard towards a common goal, would that lead to a more prosperous and climate-resilient tomorrow? Well, maybe, but first they would need to come together to see which skills are there. Read More
Sacrificing goats and cutting down trees. A tale of climate change causes and communication
Exactly how these activities contribute to a changing climate with less rain the women couldn't really explain. However, explaining the relationship between environmental degradation and climate change can be hard, even if you’ve received training.
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